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  • Winding of textile yarns for hose production
  • Supply of polyester yarns
  • Winding and unmarking of textile hoses


  • Winding and unmarking of rubber hoses
  • Reconditioning of wraps
  • Supply of silicon emultions for wraps treatment


  • Production of PP and PA ribbon
  • Marking with “embossed” system PP and PA tapes
  • Supply of stamps and rollers for marking


  • Braiding machines cleaning
  • Spiralling machines cleaning
  • Banbury cleaning
  • Industrial machines cleaning
  • Production lines cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Office cleaning


  • Lubrificants supply
  • Release agents supply
  • Solvents supply
  • Hand paste supply
  • Silicon emulsions supply


  • Supply of personal protective equipment

The following companies are part of the Ingenio Group:

Ingenio Clima deals with the distribution in Europe of:

  • Reinforced flexible rubber hoses for automotive air conditioning
  • Fast click, recoverable SCM and crimping  fittings

Polypropylene tape

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